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Underwriting & Rating 

Process Step
InsureVue Features
Underwriting logic can be implemented in InsureVue such as restricted postal/zip codes to alert if a file should be referred or declined.

InsureVue can optionally integrate with APIs from Opta to access Canadian data for the insured’s locations such as Fire Underwriter Survey (FUS) index, flood index, wildfire index, commercial occupancy.
Underwriting referral
Based on the submission data entered, InsureVue can generate underwriting summary documents to send to external underwriters when a referral is required.

When the external underwriter emails you their underwriting decision, the email can be filed to the InsureVue client file directly from Outlook.
To dos
At anytime in the lifecycle, InsureVue’s to-do system can be used to track to-do’s against the client file for a specific person. As an example, after an insurance assistant enters the submission details, they can create a to-do for the underwriter to underwrite it.

To-dos can also be used to track what you are waiting for such as waiting on the external underwriter to provide an underwriting decision or the broker to provide an order to bind.
Submission entry
InsureVue is configured to capture the specific fields you require for each of your insurance products.

InsureVue ensures the data captured are the specific data points you need to underwrite and rate your book.
InsureVue can implement your rating logic or it can integrate with external rating APIs in order to determine the premium for the policy.

InsureVue can implement default rates based on IBC or NAICS codes.

Prorating for mid term endorsements and short rating for cancellations is also supported.
InsureVue implements your quote documents to create PDF quotes based on the information you have entered for the submission.

The quote can be emailed to the broker directly from InsureVue and all emails/attachments are automatically attached to the client file.
Broker follow-up
Use InsureVue’s “My files” list to show all files at quote status to keep track of open quotes that you are working on.

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