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Submission Intake 

Process Step
InsureVue Features
Receive submission email from broker
An Outlook plug-in allows you to file the submission attachments into InsureVue.
Log the submission
Lookup on the insured’s name to determine if a submission has already been received from another broker.

If not, the insured’s name & address is entered with automated address pre-fill from a postal address database.

Select an existing brokerage/contact if you have already received a submission from them or create a new brokage and/or contact.
Submission grading
System generated analytics allow you to assess the priority you should give to the submission:

  • # of other submissions/policies have for the insured
  • hit ratios for the broker (% submissions quoted, % submissions bound) and broker metrics (policies in force, premium in force)
Submission entry
InsureVue is configured to capture the specific fields you require for each of your insurance products.

InsureVue ensures the data captured are the specific data points you need to underwrite and rate your book.

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