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Implementation Process 


Because InsureVue is fully customized to your business, it supports your specialization niche by precisely implementing your insurance products. Begin by defining the application information you need to capture, then provide your underwriting and rating rules, and finally define the documents you will issue.


After reviewing your specifications, we implement your required data fields, underwriting rules, rating algorithms, and documents into InsureVue. InsureVue and the data it manages becomes a key part of your company’s differentiation for being able to underwrite and price risk, benchmark, and analyze claims.


Once your products are digitized, the completed policy management system is made available for you to test and fully sign-off on before it goes live.


InsureVue was built with speed and customization in mind. InsureVue has a powerful set of general insurance functionality that we leverage which allows us to focus on implementing only your specific product requirements. This enables a rapid implementation process. From start to finish, a product implementation typically takes a matter of weeks.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to schedule a demo of InsureVue