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What Does it Mean to be a Digital MGA?

A digital MGA lets you focus on underwriting and intelligently using data.  Digital data is an intrinsic part of your business that seamlessly supports each your business processes.

A fully digital process for maximum efficiency

In a digitized workflow, the submission, underwriting, and issuance process is fully integrated and streamlined. Your underwriters can maximize their time and issue policies faster than ever before. More speed means a differentiated level of service you can provide to your brokers.

Improve the MGA-broker relationship through digitization

As an MGA, you want to provide the best level of service to your brokers, and a fully digital workflow helps accomplish that goal. With a single digital platform from the start to finish of the insurance lifecycle, you will not need to re-key data into multiple systems as you underwrite, quote, and issue a policy.

A digital platform can implement underwriting rules to assess the submission to see if it meets underwriting guidelines and can implement system rating to calculate the premium. Quote and policy documents can be generated in a few clicks based on the underlying data.

An integrated digital platform allows you to realize efficiencies and provide a differentiated level of service turnaround time to provide quotes and issue policies to your brokers.

Manage your business in real time with digital data

Digitization equals data, and data equals real-time insights to help you manage your business. Dashboards and reports allow you to make data-driven business decisions around aspects such as business volume by broker, staff workload, upcoming renewals, premium by carrier, service-level targets for time to quote or bind, and much more.

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