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Audit , Contract Management, Claims 

Process Step
InsureVue Features
Contract management
InsureVue tracks Lloyds contract terms to ensure no policies are bound outside of the contract term. InsureVue tracks premium capacity to ensure premium bound does not exceed capacity limits.

InsureVue dashboards and reports allow you to manage other underwriting contract conditions such as property limits by earthquake zone.
Summarized claims data can be attached to a policy to record details such as loss dates and reserves.

Claims payments made are allocated based on carrier participation to allow loss ratio reporting by carrier.
External audit
InsureVue can provide read only access to select files so external auditors can do remote audits. The InsureVue file contains all information:

  • Policy details & issued documents
  • Filed emails correspondence and attachments
  • Fully versioned transaction history of the bind and any mid term changes or cancellations

Learn more on how InsureVue is customized to your products through our implementation process