For MGAs

InsureVue fully digitizes the insurance lifecycle, from the receipt of the submission through to issuance of the policy, all in one seamlessly integrated cloud-based policy management system.

How can I make it easy for brokers to do business with me?

As an MGA, you want to provide the best level of service to your brokers, and InsureVue helps accomplish that goal. Since InsureVue is fully integrated from the start to the finish of the insurance lifecycle, you do not need to re-key data as you progress through the lifecycle to underwrite, quote, and issue a policy.

InsureVue can implement underwriting rules to assess the submission to see if it meets underwriting guidelines. InsureVue can implement system rating to calculate the premium. For documents, it only takes a few clicks to generate a quote letter or issue the declaration and policy wordings based on the underlying data.

InsureVue allows you to realize efficiencies and provide a differentiated level of service turnaround time to respond to brokers with their quotes or policy documents.

How can I manage my business in real time?

InsureVue includes dashboards and reports so you can always view data in real time. For example, if you have a meeting with a market, simply pull up a dashboard to look at premium volume for the market by product. If you run into a broker at an event, you can pull up a dashboard on your phone to check out all policies you have in force for that broker. You can also run various reports to help you efficiently manage your business such as renewals coming up, workload by broker, service level targets for time to quote/time to bind, and much more.

How can I maintain a customer centric view of my book of business?

InsureVue is built on the industry leading Salesforce customer relationship management system. InsureVue has a fully integrated data model, meaning there are no separate silos for the various processes that go into administering policies. This eliminates the need to re-key information into different systems for quoting, binding, and bordereaux reporting. InsureVue also allows you to associate summarized claim data to policies so underwriters can see an integrated claims history during the renewal underwriting process.

InsureVue stores email correspondence, call logs, documents issued, and application forms with the relevant policy file. This makes it easy to see the complete history of the policy all in one place. Everything is securely accessible by your underwriters anywhere from the cloud.

How can I streamline my carrier relationships?

InsureVue provides a carrier portal that markets can securely access. From the carrier portal they can run bordereaux reports and access issued policy documents for an insured - all in real time. Since they can log in at any time, carriers can self-serve themselves. You no longer will need to manually compile and email bordereaux reports each month or provide policy documents for insureds bound in the month.

How it Works

Step 1 – You define your products.

InsureVue supports your specialization niche by allowing you to precisely define your insurance products. Start by choosing the information that you wish to capture during the application process. Then, add your underwriting rules and rating into the system. Finally, define the documents you want to issue.

Step 2 – We implement your products on InsureVue.

While most software products require you to adapt your requirements to its abilities, InsureVue is a fully customizable system. This means that the data you require, the rules you underwrite by, the algorithms on how you rate are all implemented in your customized InsureVue system. InsureVue and the data it manages becomes a key part of your company’s differentiation for being able to underwrite and price risk, benchmark, and analyze claims.

Step 3 – Go live.

InsureVue has a powerful set of general insurance functionality that we leverage which allows us to focus on implementing only your specific product requirements. This enables a rapid implementation process. From start to finish, a product implementation typically takes a matter of weeks.


InsureVue is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and InsureVue customers pay a monthly fee to use the software. This fee covers all of the costs that are related to implementation, maintenance, operation, and use of InsureVue. This includes system licenses, customer specific customizations, hardware, and backups. InsureVue only requires an internet-connected computer with a browser to use. InsureVue customers do not need to purchase and manage their own servers or pay for upfront software and consulting costs.

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