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InsureVue digitizes your insurance products and allows you to provide a fully digital customer experience for an insured to purchase an insurance policy.

How do I engage my customers online with a fully digital experience?

InsureVue enables insureds to easily purchase insurance on their internet browser, tablet, or phone. This fully digital workflow allows customers to apply, get quotes, pay, and receive their policies in a matter of minutes. See how easy this is for yourself.

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How do I increase renewal retention?

If you currently require your insureds to re-fill out a blank application at each renewal, you are inviting them to shop their insurance. InsureVue increases retention rates by prefilling an online renewal application based on the expiring policy data. Renewals are fast to complete and provide a streamlined renewal experience.

How do I best leverage my employees’ skills?

InsureVue is programmed with your underwriting and rating rules so applicants that fit within the underwriting guidelines can have their policies bound and issued automatically by the system. Any applications that do require underwriting review are routed to your brokers. That means your brokers can focus on the special cases and aren’t bothered with standard policies that don’t require their attention.

How do I maintain a 360-degree view of my customers?

InsureVue is built on the industry leading Salesforce customer relationship management system. This allows you to see a full view of all your customers. This includes your:

  • In force policies
  • Policies coming up for renewal
  • Claims
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • Underwriter correspondence
  • Call logs
  • Chat logs

Everything is securely accessible by your brokers anywhere from the cloud.

How can I seamlessly serve my customers across online and offline channels?

InsureVue supports an omnichannel customer experience. If a customer has a question about a quote and calls your office, you can pull up their application and see it in real time. If manual underwriting is required, you can send a continuation link to the customer after the quote is approved. That way the customer can retrieve the quote and continue the process online to purchase and receive their policy documents.

How it Works

Step 1 – Define how you want your product to look online.

You are in complete control of how your insurance products are represented online. You decide the questions, the underwriting rules to enforce, the rating, and the documents to issue.

Step 2 – We implement your product on InsureVue.

We review your requirements and implement your products accordingly. We begin by creating an online application based on questions that you selected. Then, we add your rules and rating into our automated system. Finally, we implement your insurance documents to be issued on purchase.

Step 3 – You sign up with a credit card processor so you can accept payments.

We facilitate the process, but we do not participate in the financial transactions. You will sign up with a credit card processor that InsureVue integrates with so the funds will go directly into your trust account. You remit the net premium to the insurance company like is currently done with your carrier relationships.

Step 4 – Go live.

InsureVue was built with speed in mind. We understand the importance of going live quickly so we typically turn around a product implementation in a matter of weeks. We manage to do this by leveraging the powerful general insurance functionality of InsureVue so we only need to implement your unique product requirements.


InsureVue is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and InsureVue customers pay a monthly fee to use the software. This fee covers all of the costs that are related to implementation, maintenance, operation, and use of InsureVue. This includes system licenses, customer specific customizations, hardware, and backups. InsureVue only requires an internet-connected computer with a browser to use. InsureVue customers do not need to purchase and manage their own servers or pay for upfront software and consulting costs.

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